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  • 1993
    Assistir True Romance Online

    True Romance (1993)

    True Romance


    Clarence marries hooker Alabama, steals cocaine from her pimp, and tries to sell it in Hollywood, while the owners of the coke try to reclaim it.

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  • 2023
    Assistir Napoleon Online

    Napoleon (2023)



    An epic that details the checkered rise and fall of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and his relentless journey to power through the prism of his addictive, volatile relationship with his wife, Josephine.

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  • 1991
    Assistir The Golden Lotus: Love and Desire Online

    The Golden Lotus: Love and Desire (1991)

    The Golden Lotus: Love and Desire


    A corrupt local official, Xi Men Qing, who lusts after women and money, pursues his brother's young wife, Lee Ping Er. Ping finds Men attractive, and under her drunken husband's nose, she and Men work their way through the illustrations of a pillow book, the "Golden Lotus." Men pursues the same...

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  • 2024
    Assistir Float Online

    Float (2024)



    Waverly thought she had her future figured out, she’d start her medical residency in Toronto after a summer visit to her parents in Taipei. When her plans suddenly change, she makes an impulsive detour to a small Canadian town where she meets local lifeguard Blake. After he saves her from nearly...

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  • 1927
    Assistir Wings Online

    Wings (1927)



    Two young men, one rich, one middle class, both in love with the same woman, become US Air Corps fighter pilots and, eventually, heroic flying aces during World War I. Devoted best friends, their mutual love of the girl eventually threatens their bond. Meanwhile, a hometown girl who's the...

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  • 2015
    Assistir Brooklyn Online

    Brooklyn (2015)



    In 1950s Ireland and New York, young Eilis Lacey has to choose between two men and two countries.

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  • 2016
    Assistir Me Before You Online

    Me Before You (2016)

    Me Before You


    A small town girl is caught between dead-end jobs. A high-profile, successful man becomes wheelchair bound following an accident. The man decides his life is not worth living until the girl is hired for six months to be his new caretaker. Worlds apart and trapped together by circumstance, the two...

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  • 2019
    Assistir Aladdin Online

    Aladdin (2019)



    A kindhearted street urchin named Aladdin embarks on a magical adventure after finding a lamp that releases a wisecracking genie while a power-hungry Grand Vizier vies for the same lamp that has the power to make their deepest wishes come true.

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  • 1946
    Assistir Gilda Online

    Gilda (1946)



    A gambler discovers an old flame while in Argentina, but she's married to his new boss.

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  • 2013
    Assistir Her Online

    Her (2013)



    In the not so distant future, Theodore, a lonely writer, purchases a newly developed operating system designed to meet the user's every need. To Theodore's surprise, a romantic relationship develops between him and his operating system. This unconventional love story blends science fiction and...

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  • 2021
    Assistir Cinderella Online

    Cinderella (2021)



    Cinderella, an orphaned girl with an evil stepmother, has big dreams and with the help of her Fabulous Godmother, she perseveres to make them come true.

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  • 1943
    Assistir Casablanca Online

    Casablanca (1943)



    In Casablanca, Morocco in December 1941, a cynical American expatriate meets a former lover, with unforeseen complications.

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  • 1995
    Assistir Clueless Online

    Clueless (1995)



    Shallow, rich and socially successful Cher is at the top of her Beverly Hills high school's pecking scale. Seeing herself as a matchmaker, Cher first coaxes two teachers into dating each other. Emboldened by her success, she decides to give hopelessly klutzy new student Tai a makeover. When Tai...

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  • 2019
    Assistir Last Christmas Online

    Last Christmas (2019)

    Last Christmas


    Kate is a young woman who has a habit of making bad decisions, and her last date with disaster occurs after she accepts work as Santa's elf for a department store. However, after she meets Tom there, her life takes a new turn.

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  • 2008
    Assistir Twilight Online

    Twilight (2008)



    When Bella Swan moves to a small town in the Pacific Northwest, she falls in love with Edward Cullen, a mysterious classmate who reveals himself to be a 108-year-old vampire. Despite Edward's repeated cautions, Bella can't stay away from him, a fatal move that endangers her own life.

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  • 2024
    Assistir Your Fault Online

    Your Fault (2024)

    Your Fault


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  • 2022
    Assistir 365 Days: This Day Online

    365 Days: This Day (2022)

    365 Days: This Day


    Laura and Massimo are back and hotter than ever. But the reunited couple's new beginning is complicated by Massimo’s family ties and a mysterious man who enters Laura’s life to win her heart and trust, at any cost.

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  • 1982
    Assistir Tootsie Online

    Tootsie (1982)



    When struggling, out of work actor Michael Dorsey secretly adopts a female alter ego - Dorothy Michaels - in order to land a part in a daytime drama, he unwittingly becomes a feminist icon and ends up in a romantic pickle.

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  • 1999
    Assistir Notting Hill Online

    Notting Hill (1999)

    Notting Hill


    William Thacker is a London bookstore owner whose humdrum existence is thrown into romantic turmoil when famous American actress Anna Scott appears in his shop. A chance encounter over spilled orange juice leads to a kiss that blossoms into a full-blown affair. As the average bloke and glamorous...

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  • 1997
    Assistir Gattaca Online

    Gattaca (1997)



    In a future society in the era of indefinite eugenics, humans are set on a life course depending on their DNA. Young Vincent Freeman is born with a condition that would prevent him from space travel, yet is determined to infiltrate the GATTACA space program.

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